When we update, the file is read and any new lines are retuned.When we send, the message is processed and then written into the text file as a new line.While we are at it, let's put the stuff in for limiting the length of the entered text and sending the text with a return-key press.

update Chat will ask the server if there are new lines in the text file.

If there are, it will return them as JSON and then this function will append those new lines to the chat.

So we'll need to call that update function on a regular basis, and we'll use Java Script's set Interval() function for that: Download Files Note: Remember this is PHP powered, so you can't just download the files and open them on your local machine and have it work, unless you are running a local PHP server.

Also remember to change the file permissions of the file to be writable by the server when uploading to your own test location.

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