It seems like it was written with a college audience in mind, so what about the rest of us!?

This would probably be a very good book if read at the beginning of one's college career.

John bytheway talks dating video

I wish I had read it a little more seriously and taken it to heart during my BYU days. Honestly, I think a fireside for singles, using this book and around it's topics would help quite a few folks out.

I'm going to save it so that I can remember to teach my own children some of the principles when they start dating.

Though it may be short, it is packed with doctrines and quotes that only add to an even greater experience.

Bytheway has a way of getting me motivated to go out and DO something, which is exactly what I'm doing.

There's a lot of stright-forward stuff that I think people often need to hear.

I wish I had read it a little more seriously and taken it to heart dur OK, so was was browsing through some of my old books and found this one from my single days. Yes, it is quite a cheesy-EFY/youth counference speaker type, but when I skimmed through it again, I realized that it has some REALLY good, just basic single/dating/social life info that everybody should know- but doesn't.

It would have done me a lot of good to read when I got the book (which is probably why someone gave it to me) but I still got a lot out of it, as far as confirmation that I've done well and I know who I am and where I'm going better than most (though of course I still feel lost ... This is definitely a Mormon book so if you're not well versed in or comfortable with Mormon culture, this may not be the best book for you.

A great easy read for Young Single Adults about dating and marriage.

Most of the book is dedicated to dating and potential marriage and it was a nice read.