As they apply their face bases, Jaclyn asks Kim what her first memory of becoming a make-up lover is. Kim then shows Jaclyn how she applies her concealer, using a pasty version first and then covering over it with a creamier one.Kim: I just want to show people that I'm not the best make-up artist, but [contouring] is fun for me, and I can figure it out..I hope that people find that it's a brand that's really user-friendly, really easy and that everyone can do their make-up and feel good about themselves. Jaclyn volleys the beauty tips back by explaining to Kim why she prefers the Morphe beauty sponge over the original Beauty Blender that Kim uses.'It's bigger, it's fatter, it's softer, I think it blends easier, and one side is sharp, so if I have to bake or contour, it does it all.'Next comes Kim's trademark contouring that she does with KKW contour stick.'I'm looking at exactly how you're doing it because I literally want to use it like you use it, so I can have that Kim experience,' says Jaclyn.

Jordanian news website Al Bawaba advised her to 'pack an abaya', the robe-like dress commonly worn by women in conservative parts of the Muslim world, and to remember that Saudi Arabia is 'as far away from her fave glitzy and glamorous hot spot Dubai as could be'.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia made a grand announcement on the 21st of June by declaring his 31-year-old son Mohammed Bin Salman as the new Crown Prince.

Calling it an ‘insult to women across the world’, the Prince was widely slammed.

When people have money to throw away, why don’t they throw it at those in need and not at those already swimming in it?

Jaclyn is also wearing a plunging black top and dainty necklace. It just prepared me for You Tube and social media though.

They both begin with what looks like no-to-minimal make-up on their faces.'The first time I watched anyone's tutorial, or anyone's review, was yours on my collab with Kylie,' Kim tells Jaclyn. ' Jaclyn asks Kim, as though she's talking to any of her non-famous girlfriends.'No, I don't really use primer,' Kim replies.'Kim! 'This will make you look so glowy throughout the day but like keep your make-up on. 'I remember always playing in my mom's make-up,' Kim answers.

The reality star is wearing a low-cut, black spaghetti-strap bodysuit (the Uptown Ribbed Bodysuit from White Fox) with two gold pendant necklaces.

Her dark hair is slicked back into a low, pinned bun and is parted down the center.

The comment was made after Kardashian’s spouse Kanye West had publically announced that he was under Million of personal debt.

American rapper Kanye West had taken to his twitter handle to announce his Millions of Dollars of debt.

I mean, it’s not right, but know your audience, Kim!