We determine that the Judge's acknowledgment of responsibility together with other corrective action, his apology, and our admonishment, combined with the public dissemination of this opinion, properly conclude this proceeding.

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It's never a good time for a judge to have his large, slightly kinky and, for a time, publicly available collection of sexually explicit material written up in the LA Times.

It was an even worse time for Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit when the LA Times ran a story detailing the extensive collection of suggestive or explicit images and videos on the judge's personal server.

Eventually he did, at the same time declaring a mistrial.

Kozinski also asked the Ninth Circuit to conduct an inquiry into the report's allegations about him.

about his intent to implement a Muslim ban,” which would be unconstitutional. and, as you can see and hear on You Tube (aaaha) bungee jumping! In 2008, he admitted to storing sexually-explicit photos and videos on a publicly accessible website. Alex Kozinski: Oh I had a bunch of stuff on the computer and I didn’t lock it up. Kozinski has made a name for himself with his readable and colorful court opinions. ” He concluded that with the exception of fraud and perjury, lying is a First Amendment right. He says he’s seen it too many times, and he’s on a crusade to stop it. But you know, Lesley, that’s why the Constitution wisely gave us life tenure.

But in this case Judge Kozinski sides with the president. Alex Kozinski: Well, you know, it’s 100 percent effective and it leaves no doubt that what we are doing is a violent thing. Lesley Stahl: Have there been setbacks in your career? Lesley Stahl L: What’s the most outrageous thing that you’ve done as a judge? Alex Kozinski: There have been any number of documented instances of prosecutors doing things that are dishonest, slimy –He lectures about prosecutorial conduct and rails about it from the bench. Alex Kozinski: Maybe they won’t admit it, but I think that’s how they see it. So, we want to be very careful to make sure that candidates for office are free to express their views so that people will make an informed choice. Lesley Stahl: But you’ve also said the guillotine?? I think sometimes people sort of miss the provocation of what you’re saying. Kozinski on “Dating Game”: Good afternoon, flower of my heart. He had better luck at UCLA law-school, where he finished top of his class and then landed a job in Washington working for President Reagan, who later appointed Kozinski to the prestigious 9th Circuit when he was just 35, the youngest in a century. Lesley Stahl: How much of a stigma is it to not turn over exculpatory evidence? Alex Kozinski: Even 1% would be 20,000 – 20,000 people. We don’t want them holding back, and sort of concealing their views and then disclosing them afterwards. Alex Kozinski: On the contrary, the softer you speak, the more the provocation is heard. And I know what it’s like to live in a system where you can’t speak, you have to whisper. Kozinski was the only child of Holocaust survivors who raised him a committed Communist, which he remained, even when his parents decided to defect when he was 11. He quickly emerged as a brilliant, conservative legal thinker… Lesley Stahl: Well, do you know what’s the word that’s used most often to describe you? The Ninth Circuit in turn asked Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court to transfer the matter to another circuit, which he did, moving the investigation over to the Third Circuit.That court released its findings and its opinion in the matter today.His Court of Appeals, the nation’s largest, covering the Western United States, refused to lift the block on the president’s travel ban in February, and is scheduled to weigh in on the revised ban next month.