Example: She says, “I’m smart, funny, unique, love baseball, study medicine, and also work on a chicken farm.”Forget everything but the chicken farm. This is what you want to focus the first part of your email on. Try to let your brain come up with the craziest, funniest observations you can. You could poach extra chickens from work and I could fence them on the chicken black market. I’m looking for a guy who is kind, faithful, and sincere.”How did I get that out of the above paragraph?My brain is a little sluggish right now, but I might write something like:“A chicken farm? Eventually we could build up a nest egg and flee the coup to sunny Chichen Itza! Look what she’s saying: she’s come back time after time, even more jaded, which means she’s gone through numerous relationships, each of them having ended with her getting hurt. Being a guy who understands who she really is and sympathizes with her is so much more powerful and rare To address that, I would write something like:“I read your profile and couldn’t help but feeling a twinge of sadness at your words.

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Here is my challenge to you: Take an average e-mail, that was sent out and then re-edit it with a commentary afterwards.” - JNHey JN!

Well, like all real men out there, I can’t turn down a challenge, dare, double dare, etc... Sentence 2: Crappier“I like your hat” is a good example of the bad online dating advice given out by MSN and Yahoo online dating “experts” (COUGH).

It all started when my pal Paula asked me to figure out why she wasn't getting a response to her JDate ad. " What I get is that we all want to be loved for exactly who we are. " It wasn't long before news that I'd taken Paula's profile from drab to fab spread far and wide (okay, a couple of people in Brooklyn heard). I've seen the dumb, the dull, and the klutzy; the bitter, the brazen, and the too cute by half.

I didn't have to read beyond her opening sentence—"I like the library! All the exclamation points in the world couldn't save that line. But surely there's a juicier way to bring up your literary fetish.

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She’s wishing for more honesty, which means she’s faced a lot of deceit. Forget everything about what women want on the surface! We all seek happiness in life, but disappointment certainly seems to find its way in often enough. You asked how to write a funny and insightful email? Pick out the little unique gem in her profile and make it shine with humor, and read deep into the subtext of her profile, find out what she is really saying, and sympathize with it. you thought it would be as simple as writing “who lies more, men or women?

And she’s looking for a guy who is kind, faithful and sincere, which heavily suggests that she knows what she wants because she’s done time with a lot of guys who have been unkind, unfaithful, and insincere to her. Like you, I simply seek a bright sunny day in a cloudy world.”This wouldn’t be my whole response of course, but it would certainly get her attention away from the guys who write “I’m sincere, honest, and faithful.” You know... ” :)Well, this has been my longest post ever, so I’m going to wrap it up here.

I like your hat in that picture, it’s really nice, where did you get it? Sentence 3: Crappiest95% of bad first emails end with “come take a look at my profile”. do both of them together and you will also appear interesting, especially compared to the masses.