“James knows, yeah…They have met…was funny because James and I have hooked up before, so my guy kind of teased him about it. And the next day my mom flew out, begged me to go to one AA meeting.

My man gets nervous when I go with him by myself, when I go with James, because we hooked up before, so I think he thinks that that would continue. Because, it happened once and never happened again. And I was there.”Lala fast-forwards through the show to watch herself because she thinks she’s funny.

“I think Scheana’s gonna be the next victim to go down…Um, I just see her as someone who doesn’t really think for herself and, she’s kind of, and I hate saying this cause I really do like her, she’s just conflicted.

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And if you ever had the fortune to see Patti up close, you would appreciate why Eric would happily wait while she changed clothes! (By then, Eric had had an affair with both her and her sister.

Patti, in turn, had had her own affairs, incuding a tumble with John Lennon.) But it's hard to even imagine Eric Clapton having the focus to notice a beautiful young model changing clothes for a night out. By the time Patti dumped him, he had sired two children with two women other than her! Oddly, despite being his best-known solo offering in the UK since it first materialised on the album "Slow Hand" in 1977, and despite massive success in the Yard Birds, Cream and Derek & The Dominoes over the years, 'Wonderful Tonight" was not released as a single in the UK until 1993, and surprisingly stalled at a lowly No.30, thereby failing to repeat the UK chart success of earlier hits "Lay Down Sally", "Tears In Heaven" and "Bad Love".

When talking about other reality show possibilities, she says: La La: “I think WAGS would be fun.”Ashley: Does that mean you’re dating an athlete?

”Lala: “Maybe.”Roxy: “Now I’m surprised though because he’s already in the spotlight, so if he’s in the spotlight as an athlete…”Lala “Well, yeah and he has a lot of endorsement deals, and a lot of things that I’m sorry, he’s not going to screw up to appear on Vanderpump Rules.”James Kennedy is good at keeping her secret because he’s already met the mystery man.

Which, to be that, you have to be involved with all the girls because they’re the head of the show.

You know, I don’t think she was willing to be in a position like me, because, I don’t have anybody that has my back.”Lala responds to Jax’s claim that she was fired, “Well I find this very funny that he said I got fired because, I mean if I’m not on the TV my name is being said.

and george harrison himself once said that he DIDN'T write something for pattie, he wrote it for some girl in his head who didnt exist. These lyrics are the most beautiful of any lyrics I have ever heard and any woman would be thrilled to have such words written about her - and I had the privilege of hearing Eric perform it live tonight!

and does anyone know why (on my itunes) this song gives a production credit to bob marley? I believe that the lines "I feel wonderful because I see the love light in your eyes, And the wonder of it all is that you just dont realize how much I love you" are the best written words with the most impact of any song I've ever heard. She was barely 18 when she started dating George Harrison (secretly). And she was still fairly young by the time drugs and promiscuity ruined the marriage and she took up with Eric.

As of late, the WWE Diva has been posting photos of herself on Twitter with a man who appears to be her new boyfriend.