They will take their relationship seriously and at all costs will work to keep their compatibility alive and working well.

The Leo man Pisces woman love compatibility is romantic and enduring.

Their love of fantasizing will result in them having a high regard for each other.

She will come to realize that the desire he presents to her, is real and not only to impress her.

The Leo man will have to be a bit thoughtful to the sensitive Pisces and utilize more sensual techniques with her.

Leo man Pisces woman compatibility initially seems to be great for both of them.

It is not superficial but has a deeper meaning to them, as they have many areas of unspoken understanding between them.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, it is the respectful Pisces woman’s insight that is influencing him.

His need for social acceptance will lead him to want to show her off to his friends.

As she prefers to be spending time at home, she will struggle with the frantic social life that he enjoys.