Dolan, who was a teaching fellow for Ec 10 in the Larry Lindsey era, didn’t see much romantic action in his HLS days.

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Dolan’s advice for Valentine’s Day singletons is to get in the game.

First started in 1991 in Chicago, It's Just Lunch has grown to include locations across the globe.

Directors use this feedback to determine exactly what a client is looking for.

If a woman was happy that her date was tall, handsome and enjoys some of the same water sports as she does but was just a little too quiet, the director will pick a slightly more outgoing good-looking water-skier for the next date.

Dolan uses sports analogies and the model of supply and demand to describe the tremendous growth and success It’s Just Lunch has experienced.

“I use this analogy: this industry is a lot like personal trainers at the gym,” he says.

“They hire us to find and arrange their dates for them, just like the personal trainer or the dry cleaner,” Dolan says.

If it’s a world where no one does anything for themselves anymore, it’s also a world where everything people still do happens online.

They can exchange numbers if the conversation was as spicy as the mango shrimp curry or jet back to work for “an important meeting” if the best part of the date was when the check came.

After an It’s Just Lunch date, clients talk to the directors to tell them what was great about the date or what went wrong.

If red roses and chocolates are not in the Valentine’s Day cards this year, fear not.