This is because capital gains are generally taxed at a lower rate than income, possibly as low as 10% where entrepreneurs relief is available.For example, a higher rate taxpaying shareholder receiving £100,000 on the liquidation of his company would pay £32,500 (32.5%) if the anti-avoidance applies, whereas CGT would be just £10,000 (10%) if entrepreneurs relief is available.The liquidator appointed will sell any assets of the company in order to realise funds to distribute to creditors.

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This depends on the amount of creditors the company has and as a result, the types of accounts according to the classification in the Credit Act and furthermore the number of Directors.

Therefore it is very difficult to make a loose cost calculation standard on the process of liquidation.

This process of closing a company is a director-led process.

This option can help a company fully dissolve or it can be used as a business rescue process by allowing the company director to purchase the goodwill and assets of the business in order to start over within a new company.

This liquidation process is most suitable for closing a company that has over £25,000 of shareholder reserves that need to be distributed.

This is because an MVL process will treat these distributions as capital receipts not income and therefore will provide lower tax rates on the distributions.

Ever wondered why someone would therefore voluntarily sequestrate themselves, you have never really experienced financial difficulties.

The process of voluntary sequestration in South Africa is thus a fairly simple process……

Creditors will be paid in the order which is laid down in the Insolvency Act 1986.

There are 3 key stages to the CVL process: Now you have determined that you want to proceed with closing a company the next step would be to talk to a professional advisor in order to confirm the best action for you and your company to take.

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