These are just the practical things, the objects, they need. Swing by with a glass of carrot juice, a bike lock, and a lust for delicious indie folk and everyone will end summer happily.

That just struck me as kind of odd and kind of neat…just how practical it was.” Later on, when he was asked to do an impromptu performance of Conor Oberst’s [Bright Eyes] “First Day of My Life” at a wedding, Israel was able to build on his idea, finding a connection between the phrase ‘three rounds and a sound’ and the concept of a couple having ‘their own song.’ You can’t argue with the thoughtfulness behind these (and many other Blind Pilot) lyrics — whether they always make sense to listeners or not.

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Or maybe you saw them open for The Decemberists on Israel’s birthday where a giant teddy bear floated onto the stage last year.

The 6-piece group that started years ago as a duo has turned heads over the course of the past several years, releasing its second folk-sex-dream-pop album this past fall.

And probably just something that doesn’t make much sense, just sort of nonsense, and usually I almost always say to myself…

I’m going to get rid of those as soon as I think of better lyrics.

But I always end up being unable to get rid of them, and try to figure out a way that maybe makes sense.” Yet the moments of nonsensical lyricism and changing methods paid off.

The band gained quite a following when its debut album climbed up to #13 on the Digital Album Charts, and between the group’s first and second album, Israel acknowledged that the writing process evolved.

“The biggest thing is connecting to people in the towns we go to,” which changes when the band goes from the approachability of rolling into venues on bike and pulling up in a re-vamped vintage school bus.

And while I didn’t ask about their one-of-a-kind touring vehicle, I can assume the band played a large role in its restoration, as they truly are a group of creative artists.

how much that song, so much more than other songs, really connects people to what we’re doing… And I love that moment when that happens in a show. And it was just basically making a point about how important bicycles are…