While that's perfectly reasonable, I couldn't help but wonder about where that rationale was coming from.

I know many other girls who would appreciate the same kind of scenario.

What I still can't decide is if men have discovered this little secret to these women's psyches.

But that hasn't kept some developers from testing Apple's limits.

Price: Free We can't say much here beyond the app's official description: "A love game for two girls! Have the night of your life with the best love game for girls! Price: $9.99 i Jiggles is a photo altering app that lets you make photos "jiggle" when you shake your i Phone.

So getting on Tinder was out of the question, up until I was stuck on a train from Washington D. I have a lot of friends who regularly use Tinder and other websites and apps specifically designed to meet that special someone. I've met people who even say that, because they're incapable of meeting people face-to-face, these apps have been a godsend.

I can't say the same, but my conversations have certainly been interesting. I wanna take your clothes off," "Well thanks but no thanks bud. " "That wasn't a compliment." "I'm taking it as a compliment anyway." "Well you're an idiot." ... "Hey I'm an astronaut and my next mission is explore the depths of Uranus." "...." I kept my Tinder account, though I rarely go on it.

That same weekend, we went to the bar we usually went to, and saw the Irish date there--with another girl.

And she was Irish too, which made it worse for Katie to watch. First there was the worry that he wouldn't call, then there was the jealousy that stemmed just from seeing him out with another woman.But the difference between us was that while I was offered nothing but sex right off the bat, she was offered dates. Hell, I'm skeptical of the intentions of the men who ask me out face-to-face.These strange men asked her out for coffee, a drink or two, or a quick walk around the park. When they asked her out on these dates I always put in my two cents and warned her that they could just be looking to get in and out, basically playing nice until she decided to go home and maybe take them with her. She said that that was she wanted: for some guy she found attractive to take her out and talk to her and pay attention to her, and then make out with her a little bit.It looks like a clean app on the surface, but it's hardly a stretch to imagine what kind of photos most people jiggle around. How could we ever tire of your endless nuggets of sexual advice. Price: .99 This virtual board game challenges you and your partner to make it to the bedroom.Cosmo's i Phone app is exactly what it sounds like. The game gets racier as you progress until you finally arrive in bed. What makes some of us feel good is the companionship, the validation that comes with talking to someone, even someone you don't click with.