However, unlike fingerprints and eyeballs, penises are not exposed to the public a lot of the time and mostly kept under clothing and shared with loved ones – presumably who are trusted.” Hmm.

There are any number of logistically confusing things about this.

Students with common last names may have a number added to their email address. Back to Top How do I forward my Waubonsee email to another email address?

Back to Top What is the Web address for Waubonsee Community College Self-Service?

You can go directly to access Waubonsee Community College Self-Service.

Back to Top Why do I have to log in again to make a payment?

Re-entering your X-number and password provides an extra layer of security when entering financial transactions.

Back to Top account is accessible through the mywcc web portal at mywcc.

Waubonsee will send all official communication to this email, including important academic and financial information. Your Waubonsee email address is typically your first initial and your last name @student.Example: Joe Waubonsee could be reached at [email protected]

It's called Dick-ometrics, and as the name suggests it uses your peen print as a way to identify you. Here's how it works: Beginning today, you’ll be able to use a pic of your dick in place of a more traditional password.

To do this, you’ll need to supply an establishing shot of your member.

Back to Top What if I don't know or forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset it using our online password system.

Self-Service is also part of the mywcc Web portal, which also gives you access to your email, Blackboard and a variety of other resources. Back to Top What is available in Waubonsee Community College Self-Service?