If the companionship breaks down, either spouse may initiate divorce.

Women as well as men can manage on their own after a divorce because they can depend on the camp sharing network to round out their food supply; each sex can build shelters, and others in camp will help with child care. The JOA has designated certain men as "headmen" (penghulu), but these supposed spokesmen have no special authority among the Batek themselves.

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All individuals are free to make their own decisions about activities, moves, what camps to join, and the like.

If their decisions match the wishes of other camp members, people remain together in a camp and work with one another; if not, people regroup in different areas and perform different activities.

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Both women and men engage in collecting and trading rattan, which is the main cash-producing activity, and both sexes participate in agricultural activities when the Batek agree to join one of the government's schemes.

The egalitarian structure of their economic production and consumption is matched by the egalitarian nature of marriage among the Batek.

While the daily food-getting responsibilities of the sexes differ - women normally gather vegetable foods and men concentrate on hunting - the contributions of each sex to the food supply are considered equally important by the Batek, and each individual has direct and equal access to the sharing network that distributes food in a camp.