Follow Top Model Joanna Bergin into the arena of the Dating scene in Manhattan.

See how one European-American date and an All american Date get along and are analyzed by an Astro-numerologist.

No matter how well you two know one another -- whether it’s your first Tinder date or you’ve made it to the one-month mark -- the city is full of ways to actually have fun on an early-in-the-game date.

Because stargazing isn't really an option in NYC, head to the American Museum of Natural History, where you can venture deep into the cosmos with 30 minutes of stargazing at the Hayden Planetarium (bonus points for narration by Neil de Grasse Tyson).

If you've already shared your most recently read books with each other, head to the East Village's KGB Bar for a free, intimate reading over a beer -- Sunday evening brings literary fiction, while Monday is poetry night.

This concept has been copied by "Blind Date", numerous blockbuster movies, up to Kim Kardashian invading the Hamptons. Fun to watch, at times frighteningly honest, I can't recommend this enough.

If you want to see a time capsule, how much fun life was, in Manhattan between Washington Square Park and Wall Street, this is your movie.

Start building trust early on at Brooklyn Boulders: a massive 22,000sqft converted warehouse that's now a popular rock-climbing gym and Acro Yoga spot.

Take a class on one of the bouldering walls and bet on who can get to the top first (loser buys the first round of drinks after at the nearby Strong Rope Brewery).

Work together with your date (and figure out how well you'll handle your first real fight) at Escape the Room.

The interactive adventure game requires puzzle-solving and serious creativity to get out of places like an office, a Victorian home, and even a submarine. Marks, you can watch people serenade total strangers all night long. Stretch, bend, and soar into partner poses during a session (or a week of sessions) of Acro Yoga at the Om Factory.

Alamo Drafthouse has super-comfortable seating (reserve seats in the first row if it's that kind of date and you want to recline) and a lengthy menu of dishes like pancetta mac & cheese and jerk chicken sandwiches.

Save room for one of the throwback shakes or floats.

And the good news is, no matter what neighborhood you're in, there's bound to be a great one nearby.