She was grown up in the simple family who has no background of this field.

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She made it her ambition and later graduated from the Cornell University.

She has the degree of Theatre and continued her study in it.

Another important step in the company history was the introduction of newly-developed floor tiles during 1852 which were particularly attractive and hard-wearing, resulting in the so-called 'Mettlacher Platten' becoming incredibly successful throughout the world.

Demand was so great that the Mettlach factory actually became the first European factory specialised in tile manufacture alone.

He successfully applied decorations onto tableware by using the advanced copper plate printing technique which was a decisive precondition for cost-effective serial production.

In 1809 bought the former Benedictine abbey in Mettlach on the River Saar where he set up a very modern and extensively mechanised system for tableware production.

She was born in 24th of June, 1975 in Brooklyn, New York.

She is best known for her acting as Lizzie Miller in the TV series “Undeclared”.

She made her first appearance in the TV series from “Law & Order” in 1999. She got the fabulous role in 2008 in the successful TV series “Californication” where she played the role of Daisy.