There is about thirty of these boxes that are fun and interesting. You can search by location and attribute like most sites, but there is also the ability to search by keyword.

Typing in the keyword “writing” returned dubious results, but the attempt was a nice touch.

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Of course, the price for three days is reasonable and a nice feature, but that isn’t going to get you the real deal.

If we extrapolate that price out, the monthly fee may be something like $19.50 per month.

For your membership, you can email all members on the site, chat, listen to voice profiles, and view additional photos.

For $1.95 you can sign up for a three day trial, but it is impossible and frustrating to try to find long term prices.

Join Mate1 now and finally rid yourself of your lonely status.

You found us, finally, and we believe you are already excited to start chatting.More than 1.5 Million People around the United States and Canada already share the same experience and use our talkline system.Join us today – just call the phone number at the top of the website!There is also a match search, but there is really no indication as to what it matches.You can post a profile for free at Mate1, conduct all searches, and view the main profile picture.That would make is reasonable compared to other sites, but, again, we cannot be sure of this price.