Whether you’re looking for an in-person heart-to-heart convo or a little cocktail coaching via Skype, she’ll tell it to you like it is – and how you can make it better. Jean” column appears on Elle Magazine and is read by 6 million people.

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At the moment, she does not have a significant other, but is hopeful she might meet him soon.

“It was important for me to come back to myself because I’d lost a lot of myself [in the marriage],” says Fadal.

It was May 16, 2012 — the day that details were splashed in The Post’s Page Six of her impending divorce from dashing “love doctor” husband Matt Titus.

Midway through the evening, a professional acquaintance spotted Fadal and gave her a bear hug. Remember that.” At the time, the Lebanese-American journalist found the comment unhelpful.

“I remember the turning point when I realized I was going to be OK,” says Fadal, of a day in mid-2012 when her racing mind quieted for a moment.

“I thought: ‘I can do this.’ I got up in the morning, I walked the dog, I went to the gym, I went and got my coffee. I was able to walk around some of the places I’d avoided, where I used to go [with Titus].“It was liberating.” As for regrets, Fadal reveals that she sometimes fears that motherhood might have passed her by.“Every once in a while, I am sad that I am not a mother,” she says.Part confessional, part manual, it provides practical tips for women on reclaiming their lives — and identities — when a relationship fails. Titus, a personal trainer-turned-entrepreneur, branched out into matchmaking when the couple moved to New York from Philadelphia in 2004.Says Fadal: “There’s a lot of life coach-style advice about positive thinking, but I needed something black-and-white — specific suggestions that were concrete.” She is the first to recognize the irony of “The New Single” following on the heels of her previous two dating books, “Why Hasn’t He Called? On top of holding down her job in television news, Fadal helped Titus run their own dating business, where the duo dubbed themselves the “Love Consultants.” They regularly appeared in the media and even filmed a short-lived 2009 Lifetime reality show about their company, “Matched in Manhattan.” Describing the fallout from her divorce as “mortifying” and “embarrassing,” Fadal never thought their image as a happy couple would blow up in their faces. In her new book, Fadal explains what worked for her in the aftermath of the split — such as drinking healthy juices, following to-do lists (a pillar in her West 57th Street apartment serves as a giant chalkboard) and getting therapy. When you’re playing the dating game, a coach can also help you get better.