But there seems little doubt that they are, indeed, together.

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Keri has become increasingly busy since 2013, which may very well have added a strain to her relationship to Shane.

There is no evidence that she was unfaithful to her husband, however, and they would hardly have an amicable relationship at this stage, if she had cheated on him.

, welcomed Sam, their first child together, last May.

During the interview, Rhys recounted a recent incident in which the 9-month-old had a cold.

Apparently they had been living apart since early summer of 2013, about six months by the time the news got out.

Her marriage to Shane Dreary, who is a carpenter, has always been very private.

Some speculate that she left her ex-husband for Matthew.

If there is any truth to that, Matthew was likely no more than a catalyst.

on Thursday (September 28) at Lincoln Center in New York City.