If you want more proof just ask, and I can post more sources that you can read your-self.

I don't think you can say men are controlling the dating- I think in my humble opinion, it's the gals- Who mostly has the power of yes or no? men may initiate most contacts and dates, but women are usually the ones who decide if it will happen. Fortunately, more and more women are becoming assertive, confident and willing to be the initiators.

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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Personally, both sides prolly think that the other side has all the control!

I completely agree with you..are from mars, women are fom venus and neither know what the other is thinking!

I do think that we're all headed toward a more friendly middle ground though...women worry less and guys worry more (of course they drink it off rather than buying from the self help section! However, I think if either sex errs on a particular side, women tend to put too much of a positive spin on things and men tend to put too much of a negative spin.

Women are more likely to believe a relationship could still be saved long after it is obviously over and men are more likely to give up on a relationship even while it still has the chance of happening.

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They're experiencing the toughest rejection so they are more motivated to do something about it.

Quitting before you have a chance to get rejected means you're already sheltering yourself from the rejection so you probably don't feel a need to take more precautions.

most guys, i think, just can shrug off if they dont get a call back, most guys wouldnt buy a book called. "basically, but I am generalizing, that most of these things wouldnt be a bother too much by most guys.