There’s no way this selfish kid is going to get up in the night to take care of a child.’”“I couldn’t sleep,’” she added.

“I didn’t want to leave my house or see people, because people would whisper and talk about us.

Research shows most teen moms do not graduate from high school and live in poverty.

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I didn’t think it was time to ask those questions.”Adalyn's father and his family declined to be interviewed for this story, citing privacy concerns.

When Andrews saw the positive home pregnancy test, the “world started to spin,” she said.

“I felt like I was going to vomit right then and there." Later, she realized it had been a definitive moment.

She went off social media and locked her phone in the family safe.“I’d been getting calls for a while, from blocked numbers, late at night,” Griest said.

There's no way.’”Griest and her then-boyfriend had been dating for over a year. She knew how babies were made and says they were using condoms. “Then this girl posts this picture, and my mom was like, ‘Is there any way you could be? Well, I mean, I guess I could be, but we used protection.’”Besides, she said, the timing was off.

Still, as she remembers it, the risk of pregnancy never crossed her mind. She and her boyfriend had broken up several months prior, and she was seeing someone else. Three home pregnancy tests and a trip to the walk-in clinic proved what she couldn't have imagined just hours earlier.Then came the grief over her daughter’s lost youth, umbrage toward those who spewed hurtful words or urged Kennedy to get an abortion, gratitude for those who were supportive — and worry, about her own future.At the time, Kennedy was “very immature and into herself,” she said." she said, spelling out the word to spare Addie's young ears.The students, she said, continued to shout insults.She realized too late that she had to walk past her peers. "I saw him turn around and then almost every head in that students' section looked at me.