Its carcass was necropsied on a nearby beach that day by a team that included an officer from NOAA's Office of Law Enforcement.

Cruise Law News reports this morning, a crew member from the Queen Mary 2 sent this message from the ship: "Missing woman on QM2. Ship turned around and Coast Guard alerted." The QM2 is on a voyage out of New York heading to the Caribbean (St. AIS programs show the ship is sailing north, retracing its path. This was subsequently confirmed by Daily Mail - a 74 British woman went missing.

All essential onboard systems remained fully functional during the ‘blackout’ with some parts of the ship’s corridors and internal areas in darkness.

Some bar services were suspended on-board and the air-conditioning was off for around two hours.

Anchorage Daily News reports an endangered fin whale found dead on the bow of a cruise ship that docked in Seward this summer was killed when it was struck by the 61,000-ton ship, federal investigators have found, but neither the crew nor the operator of the vessel were determined to be at fault in the collision.

The dead whale, a juvenile male, was found draped over the bulbous bow of Holland America Line's Zaandam, carrying more than 2,000 passengers and crew, after it docked in Seward early on the morning of May 29.

She says she suffered permanent injuries and emotional distress.

Cruise Law News reports the ship is in Barcelona, Spain waiting for repairs to fix an unidentified engine problem.

According to the suit, the ocean liner had been in dry dock for sewage system problems, which were not fixed, because Jillanne says there was still lots of s*** on the ship.

She claims she went to a public restroom on the boat, but the toilet was overflowing with sewage and she slipped ...

falling to the floor, striking her face on the door sill, cutting herself, injuring her left breast and neck and losing consciousness as she lay in the contaminated toilet water.