Mai was forced to quickly fix Pilaf's Global Dragon Radar at the threat of being fed to his alligators and when the radar was fixed, they discovered that Goku's group with the six remaining Dragon Balls were heading towards the castle.

Mai stands on top of a mushroom tree in the Mushroom Forest and informs Shu over radio to attack them and take the balls.

However, after meeting Future Trunks, she developed romantic feelings for him, deeply caring about his well being.

As an old woman in Dragon Ball GT, she has turquoise hair, wears a navy blue bandana on her head and wears a red trench coat instead of a teal one and wears pink slacks and retains the same brown combat boots from her youth.

Mai is loyal to Emperor Pilaf and faithfully stays under his command throughout the entire series regardless of the situations.

Mai usually wears a teal trench coat with a red star insignia on each shoulder, a brown belt with a pistol holster attached to it from the right hip, beige slacks, and brown combat boots.

Her overall uniform resembles that worn by Soviet secret agents portrayed in 1950's/60's spy films.

She still has the belt and holster from her adult uniform, however, she does not wear pants.

Unlike her adult form, her eyes are black instead of blue, and she does not seem to wear any make-up.

In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Super, Mai has taken the form of a young pre-teen girl.

In this form, she wears a green gymnasterka (Russian army tunic) and black wellington boots.

Slump) at one point causing Pilaf to get so irritated that he breaks the fourth wall.

While Mai is shown to have a dirty sense of humor she has a very conservative view of romance and such as shying away from watching Pilaf blow a kiss and thinks that holding hands is very rebellious and says that pretending to be someone's girlfriend is something that she would draw the line at even as a service to helping Pilaf.

Mai is a fairly tall woman with blue eyes and long black hair with bangs.