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You’ll feel better, more positive and sexier instantly.

Is your sexy stuff buried somewhere under the stretched out faded panties that you pull out and put on day after day? Wearing old bras and panties is a downer anytime but especially for women to feel sexy over 50.

When you’re hunched over shuffling along, you’re likely to focus on negative thoughts, taking your mood into the dumper.

Walk tall, chin lifted, shoulders down and back and with a swing in your step.

I have a confession to make, sometimes I let myself go. But when I catch myself wearing the same yoga pants and one of my 3 favorite rotating t-shirts day after day I can start to feel a little, well, blah (and totally unsexy.) I started thinking about some of the things I do to get out of that slump and bump up my sense of well being and I realized that they not only make me feel happier, but sexier, too.

Here are a few ways to add a little modern happy-sexy into your day, especially for women over 50.

When you lift weights (or do body-resistance training) you release endorphins that improve your mood, relieve pain and heighten pleasure (the same stuff that’s released when you experience excitement or an orgasm).

Testosterone is also released when you pump iron and increases your sex drive.

Now that you’ve got those nice clean sheets rocking, go naked! (And if you’re not home alone, I’m sure you’ll make someone very happy.) This is one of my personal favorites.

Set the mood with candles, put on classical music and run a hot bath with bubbles or essential oil. Just go with it, play with it and do what feels good.

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