A leisurely first date, walking and talking in Roundhay Park or at Temple Newsam, could be the start of something altogether grander. We've had many success stories - Richard and Jamie and just one of them.

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It was fired in the furnaces of the industrial revolution and is now a modern, well-connected city plugged into the global network.

But Leeds is also a city nestled in woodland and close to the rural landscape that helped make its fortune.

A couple of useful tips for first dates are: You may be deeply compatible, but your tastes will not necessarily be exactly the same.

Here are some ideas for first dates that should please most people: Museums and art galleries: Usually in inspiring surroundings, these places are highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life and is looking to find love in Leeds on a budget.

Many professional singles work in telecommunications, financial services, the legal sector, and in retail and hospitality.

Leeds prides itself on its new identity as a switched-on 24-hour global city.

There are approximately 7% more women than men in Leeds.

Leeds singles are as diverse and dynamic as their city.

The City Museum houses inspiration on each of its four fascinating floors.