His father was a bus driver who would often complain about the presence of sex workers.

The bodies were often left in clusters, sometimes posed, usually nude.

He would sometimes return to the victims' bodies and have sexual intercourse with them.

Mawson claimed in a 2010 television interview that when she moved into his house while they were dating, there was no carpet.

Detectives later told her he had probably wrapped a body in the carpet.

On November 30, 2001, as Ridgway was leaving the Kenworth truck factory where he worked in Renton, Washington, he was arrested for the murders of four women whose cases were linked to him through DNA evidence.

Gary Leon Ridgway was born on February 18, 1949, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The most notable members of the task force were Robert Keppel and Dave Reichert, who periodically interviewed incarcerated serial killer Ted Bundy in 1984.

Bundy offered his opinions on the psychology, motivations, and behavior of the killer; he suggested that the killer was revisiting the dump sites to have sexual relations with his victims, which turned out to be true, and if police found a fresh grave, they should stake it out and wait for him to come back.

Most of Ridgway's victims were alleged to be sex workers and other women in vulnerable situations, including underage runaways.

The press gave him his nickname after the first five victims were found in the Green River before his identity was known.

He strangled the women, usually by hand but sometimes using ligatures.