The courses start at the beginning of October and end in June. The unique international and interdisciplinary character of the EMLE Programme is secured through an intensive co-operation between lawyers and economists at no less than seven European Universities and three non-European partners.

But then, Yahoo just couldn’t be cluttered back then.

It would have taken too long to download over those old dial-up modems.

Apple was a struggling computer company, AOL was a booming Internet service provider, Microsoft was on the verge of releasing Windows 98, and the Web was a very different place.

Through the magic of the Wayback Machine It seems that since the Wayback Machine launch in 2001, the site owners have decided to toss out the Alexa-based back-end and redesign it with their own open source code.

The website attempts to bring the familiar newspaper-style layout to a browser – luckily, newspaper websites If you weren’t using Yahoo, there’s a good chance you were using Alta Vista.

Alta Vista now just redirects to Yahoo’s search results, and Yahoo is just a frontend to Microsoft’s Bing.The EMLE programme is the institutional response to these challenges.EMLE Programme Features The EMLE programme offers the following unique combination of features: -- A truly interdisciplinary approach: -- A small student body at each partner university to ensure an intensive learning experience Programme Structure The programme covers one academic year, for which successful students will receive 60 ECTS points.After conducting tests with the..., we can travel back in time and revisit the past.Take a walk down memory lane with us as we journey back in time and take a look at what the Web used to be.I’m going to cheat again because the Wayback Machine doesn’t have any snapshots of from 1997, so here’s a screenshot from 1999. Of course, a big part of this is because Amazon’s website had changed so little until the recent redesign. The front page advertises the beta release of AOL Instant Messenger, which ultimately became very popular.