I hope everyone else agrees."I had such a great time with the crew, and fellow anchors.

Toronto is an amazing city, I'm so glad I got to visit.

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‘Watching porn and masturbating is the sexual equivalent of fast food,’ he says.

‘It’s instant gratification, and it’s fine once in a while when you’re craving some French fries or nachos smothered in that fake orange cheese goop, but for nourishment?

They came up with this crazy idea — "Why not make everyone get naked? It's a show that's got a bit of everything: excitement, adventure, and a lot of heart.

It wasn't just about being sensational, laughing at naked people; it's about relationships, romance, and finding love.

Naked News were the perfect hosts."Outrageous images capture the brunette backstage on the show – which began in 1999 – completely free of any clothes.

She is also dubbed "Cupcake" for the tattoo of the tasty treat inked onto her torso.Director Lucas Tyler said he first spotted the Playboy star at the model exhibition Cam Con where he decided the Toronto-based show had to take her on board.The 26-year-old Oklahoma-native has taken on her role as Miami reporter where she brings viewers the news from its sunny Florida surroundings.So really, how does a show as out-of-the-box as even get conceived?Well, it seems like there's a real trend right now for "naked television," and [our producers] were looking for a twist on a dating show, a way to keep it fresh.When it comes to the reality TV dating show genre, there's not much that hasn't been done already: there's been blind dating, dating in the literal dark, chained-up dating, dating with parents, tropical dating, cruise dating, foodie dating, dating en masse (think episode — first between each episode's two pickers, and then between two other tempting (naked) singles each picker also gets to take out.