He wrapped his arm over Jun’s chest and robbed a little closer as sleep crept up on him. He doesn't have the best expectations when it comes to his new school and that's confirmed when he has the first encounter with some of his classmates.

Sho's life changes radically when he moves from Tokyo to a small town in Chiba. He has lost his routine, his school, his only friend...

He is not usually the type of person to come to such event alone.

Everything seems to be connected to intrigues from the past.

Soon it gets more and more difficult for Nino to separate his work from his feelings, and find the truth.

Since a couple of months, Kazunari is working hard in order to become a medical assistant in Sho's pediatrician practice.

While on the evening of Halloween Sho tries his best to make his boyfriend take a break from studying and attends a party together with him, Masaki almost experiences an existential crisis after finding out that Satoshi and Yui are expecting a child. Slaves are born and sold to fulfil their masters’ needs and desires.

It leads him to investigate the red-light district and a wealthy underground host club.

Suddenly he finds himself surrounded by the seemingly glamorous world of hosts and clubs, a quirky drag-queen, a beautiful host with sad eyes, said-host’s dangerous procurer, seductive games and threats.

Ohno Satoshi knows that he loves his band members, but he's never really thought of them in the way they have apparently been thinking of him.

He's not sure if giving them a chance really is the right decision, but he doesn't want to say no.

But today he is alone among the crowds in Asakusa, trying to reach the banks of Sumida River for the fireworks.