On Sunday, October 1st, Jones was pulled over for a traffic stop at S.

9th and Vine Street in Burlington by Officers Chris Chiprez and Josh Riffel.

Using your fingers, press the end of one of your existing doorbell wires (either doorbell wire is fine!

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You will need to unfasten any wires attached to the existing doorbell before completely removing it.

Make sure you’ve removed any spare paint, adhesive or other debris near your doorbell so that your surface is as flat as possible.

Using your pliers or a crimping tool, crimp the dolphin connector very hard, starting at the top of the connector and working your way down.

Once the two wires are securely connected, repeat this process for the other two wires.

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warranted, and no criminal charges are "justified or warranted" against the two officers involved.

Examine the included dolphin connectors (you'll be using 2 of them), the wiring coming from your wall, and the two wires connected to the back of your mounting plate.

It is recommended that the hole in your wall be at least 2" deep and at least 1" wide.

Tear open the small bag containing the duct seal putty.

Press some or all of the putty over and around the hole in your wall that your wiring is coming out of, so that the putty is flat against the wall and the hole is completely covered.

Make sure the wires are flush with your fingers so that they are pointing in the same direction.