It also has a mobile version that runs automatically when you access it from a mobile device.The AVChat 3 is a Word Press plugin that handles the integration between AVChat and Word Press.

AVChat starts at $130 and the AVChat 3 Video Chat Plugin PRO for Word Press is available for $49. First you have to install Word Press 3.x, you can find instruction here.

After you finish the Word Press installation you must install s2Member Framework and then the AVChat 3 Video Chat Plugin PRO for Word Press (together with AVChat 3).

s2Member Framework is a membership plugin for Word Press.

s2Member Framework supports up to four paid membership (levels 1-4) and free subscribers (Level 0) and integrates with Pay Pal.

First let’s understand the subscription signup/registration process using s2Member Framework.

Here’s how it works (taken from “s2Member Framework Quick-Start Guide”): AVChat Video Chat Plugin PRO for Word Press allows us to set video chat permissions per user role, we will use the new user roles (s2Member Level 1 – Bronze, s2Member Level 2 – Silver, s2Member Level 3 – Gold, s2Member Level 4 – Platinum) created by s2Member to create different permissions for video chat.

Forget about email, communicate in real-time without restrictions.

Hi everyone, Today I’ll show you how to set up a paid membership website using AVChat 3, Word Press, s2Member Framework for tracking membership and Pay Pal as a payment system.

The username/display name, avatar, Buddy Press avatar, WP User Avatar and other data from your Word Press database will be automatically used by AVChat.