Like the license not only to kill, but to manipulate. A: Like a gynecologist before going to the office, maybe?

Q: Is there anything new about Hole's circumstances in "The Thirst" that longtime readers should know about? I believe the director made a very good choice for Harry.

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( Strawberry Fields is no 3, Yesterday no 4) LennonĀ“s Norwegian wood is no 12. My cousin who was 15 when this song was released and who is very much into the drug culture told me that Norwegian wood is marijuana.

"This bird had flown" has a double meaning referring to the girl having left the apartment and also that the man's marijuana cigarette had finished.

For alternatives, look to The Kooples, Warehouse, Missguided and Mango (below).

Set into the heart of a forest near Alstad in Valldala, the Juvet Hotel is surrounded on all four sides by woodland.

As it is, the phrase indicates that the words "the fire" refer to a specific fire that the listener would already know about in this house or apartment, such as what would be in a fireplace.

The Beetles did have a sardonic relationship with their fans, so Paul's sarcastic comment that it was about John torching the place of a girl refused him was clearly hyperbole about John's skill in bedding women. Someone who can essentially seduce anyone he wants isn't going to be so upset at a frustrating evening that he torches a woman's home for not putting out. What's really important is to listen to the lyrics as sung, not as assumed.

The skirt is a little Balenciaga number (click right to buy now), designed by Alexander Wang in his last collection for the Parisian fashion house.

It's this New York grunge meets French high fashion that's makes this item so desirable!

Demi Lovato channelled a rock chick style when performing in Oslo this weekend.