Fallout 3 is the first voice acting job in Annable's career.

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She debuted at an early age, playing a young student in Kindergarten Cop and later moved on to various television shows and movies such as South Beach and October Road. Also, in 2009, Annable starred in the horror flick, The Unborn.

"That's how nerdy we are." Us broke news four years ago that the couple tied the knot in an intimate Ojai, Calif., ceremony.

She is known for various roles in film and television, including her starring role as Dr.

She attended Woodcrest Christian High School and moved to the modeling with several roles through the years.

She is a Cuban and Colombian descent, holding American Nationality with white Ethnicity.

Jessica Adams in the Fox medical drama series House, Beth Mc Intyre in the monster film Cloverfield, Aubrey Diaz in the ABC drama series October Road and Samantha Arias/Reign in Supergirl.

In 2017, she joined the main cast of The CW series Supergirl as Samantha Arias, a single mother who would eventually discovers that she shares origins with Supergirl and Superman.

I really love the part of my job that is blocking - the movement of actors in space, and their physical relationships, and how you express that through the camera.

There's a lot of craft involved in that, but there's also the potential for a lot of emotion.

In a nursing home, resident Duke reads a romance story for an old woman who has senile dementia with memory loss.