Earlier this year, Paktor co-founder and CEO Joseph Phua reported a “growing percentage of mature users” among their customers.

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As highly regulated as Stitch may be, it does seem like a reasonable compromise for greater protection against scammers.

In an interview with Vice, founder Andrew Dowling explained that seniors are especially at risk of falling for online dating scams, creating the need to “de-incentivize the scammers and protect [the] real users.” As observers have noted, the online dating industry is getting increasingly crowded, fuelling fears that smaller start-ups may eventually lose to giants including Match Inc, which has gone public with great success.

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Similarly, the “Travel” section allows members, or Stitchers, to plan getaways together.

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All forms of payments accepted, including Vision Cards. We have been in service since 2000 and helped hundreds of thousands of singles to find a date. Feel free to contact us today and let us know how we can help you.Who does not remember of those times when dating was only reserved for the young people ? Meetings for dating purposes are now permitted to folks of all ages including the seniors.King Foods[...]The Salvation Army in Emporia, KS will begin accepting applications for Christmas assistance. “Swipe, meet and repeat” may be the mantra of the lonely millennial, but “Tindering” may no longer be exclusive to the young.It’s well worth waiting to see if Stitch catches on globally, and if any local competitors come up with alternatives catering to the silver generation in Singapore.