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Members shall be fully informed of issues to be voted upon prior to a vote. This organization shall be affiliated with the following local, national, or international organizations: 1. Center for Inquiry (formerly the Campus Freethought Alliance) 3. The Faculty Advisor shall serve as a faculty liaison to other faculty members, their department, their college, and the greater university for this organization.

A member who meets the following criteria shall be in good standing: 1. Set agendas for and preside over meetings of the organization and of the Executive Council. Be responsible for maintaining all affiliations with other organizations. Secular Student Alliance This organization shall have the option of recognizing various representatives for the organization: 1. Candidacy for Student Government Representative is open to any member in good standing who expresses a genuine interest in promoting the purposes of the group to the SGA.

Membership in this organization shall be open to all students, faculty, and staff of Virginia Tech as well as to those in the surrounding community who express a genuine interest in actively participating in and promoting the meetings, activities, and goals of the organization. General meetings should be held on a weekly basis while classes are in session or as decided by the Executive Council.

Undergraduate student membership of this organization must be at least fifty-one percent of the total membership. Executive Council meetings should be held once a month while classes are in session or as required. Candidacy for Faculty Advisor is open to any member of the faculty of any department or college of the university who expresses a genuine interest in promoting the purposes of the group. Candidates for Faculty Advisor may be brought to the attention of the organization by any member in good standing.

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