"It's so funny to keep seeing headlines about how Harvey's abuse was 'an open secret' in Hollywood, and that's the name of our film," said producer Gabe Hoffman.

He says he has put on Vimeo for free viewing "to commemorate serial predator Harvey Weinstein finally being exposed." The movie got a limited theatrical release a few years ago, and Hoffman is still seeking more distribution.

Egan, a frequent attendee at the DEN parties, later dropped the lawsuit against the four Hollywood men and was admonished by a judge for lying in court.

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The Leader was one of the first papers to report on this sex scam in early 2016 when Bruff gardai confirmed they were investigating two reports by men of blackmail by women they met online.

Ahead of the Cyber Threat Summit, with special guest Edward Snowden, on October 24 in The Helix in Dublin, Mr Dwyer spoke to the Leader. A pretty girl follows a guy on a social media site. Things intensify and before long she records him, without his knowledge, performing a sexual act.

"We haven't got any offers from major distributors yet because Hollywood doesn't want to expose its dirty laundry, so we've been sitting on this for a while.

Now, we want to celebrate the brave women who have exposed Harvey," said Hoffman.

DEN was a producer of five-minute videos for web consumption, but it's best remembered today for hosting wild parties with drugs, alcohol and underage boys at the former residence of founder, Marc Collins-Rector, now a registered sex offender.

Singer, who was alleged to be at some of the parties, was sued — along with former Disney executive David Neuman, TV executive Garth Ancier and producer Gary Goddard — by Michael Egan III, who alleged they abused him.

Much of the movie focuses on the now-defunct Digital Entertainment Network, which sprung up around the turn of the century when Hollywood was still trying to figure out the internet.

The company, known as DEN, generated lots of buzz and attracted some high-profile investors, including congressman-turned movie producer Michael Huffington; film and music mogul David Geffen; and Bryan Singer, the director of two movies.

"Harvey Weinstein, by the way, is not the only one who has used confidentiality settlements.

That's why more of Hollywood's behavior hasn't been exposed.

Some in Hollywood used the episode to tarnish the validity of involves talent manager Marty Weiss, who pleaded no contest to lewd acts on a child and is heard in the film admitting molestation.