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As part of the season 12 Bachelorette panel, Million Dollar Matchmaker's Patti Stanger sat down with Us Weekly Video correspondent Christina Garibaldi and Us Weekly assistant editor Jamie Blynn to discuss some of the biggest surprises from the ABC dating series' current season.

She also shared her tips for the remaining Bachelorette suitors and all the singles out there.

One afternoon this week, I was putzing around on Twitter, procrastinating on work, when a tweet from Patti Stanger, the star of “Millionaire Matchmaker,” caught my eye.

“Part of acting like a lady involves allowing him to be a gentleman,” she tweeted.

Or maybe it’s just that doesn’t look attractive doing that. If you go dutch, there is no romance,” and “Real men expect nothing from a woman other than her sweet company, if you are mad over the 4:1 rule, you lack chivalry.” Look, I love chivalry. THE WTF: “Women fall in love on the date, and men fall in love after the date.” Another zen koan thought fart.

Bachelorette Jo Jo Fletcher sent home Alex (after an underwhelming day of horseplay) and James Taylor, right after she admitted to a special connection with the latter.

’ But for now, just try to enjoy the now and take one step at a time and one foot in front on the other and focus on all of the other stuff also because that's going to make life spectacular.”But the most important thing in being in a relationship or not being in a relationship is to love yourself.

Destin and Rachel say that’s one of the hardest parts of matchmaking is when someone doesn’t love themselves because then they can’t get anywhere beyond that point.

“If you look at it with the kind of attitude, like ‘it's all good.