That's not to say you can't find the man of your dreams via your i Phone—it's just that unwanted messages and bad dates can be discouraging.The good news: A new series of just-launched apps are changing the online dating.If there's a mutual interest, Dapper sets up a date based on the woman's choice of neighborhood.

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Professionally trained and using proven tools to work with you to create success, we are your champions in developing great dating traits.

We designed an 8 week program specifically designed for busy Orange County professionals.

These five offer innovative ways to filter out undesirable suitors, spark conversation, and dig up dirt about your potential dinner mate.

Check them out on the slides ahead and say sayonara to shot-in-the-dark dates.

Date coaching is a proactive and effective approach to get results for your romantic life.

Kingsley’s no nonsense approach quickly takes you to a solid place for successful dating. When someone becomes aware of what they are doing and why, this is the building block to change those behaviors.

(And once you're done with these, check out The 5 Most Ridiculous Sex Apps.)If you've ever considered a dating coach, look no further than your fingertips.

While you're interacting with potential suitors, The Grade (free; literally grades you on things like your profile, message quality, and response rates.

Users are encouraged to add interests and #quirkyfacts to their profiles to connect on a more personal level with future dates.

While the app has been around for a few years, the company recently got a lot of press with their paper-bag speed dating events.

The transformational effect of the Total Solar Eclipse is also likely to be reflected in some interesting changes in your personal style and appearance, since it falls in the ‘Me’ Sector of your Solar Chart.