Jessica thought he would pay her back so she wired the money across.

photos of dating scammers from ghana-79

Jessica felt devastated that a man she had been sharing so much of herself with for so long and felt she could trust implicitly had been a scammer.

In addition to these mental and emotional costs, she had also sent the scammer in excess of $90 000, most of her life savings.

Hundreds of innocent people worldwide have fallen prey to the sweet words of the scammers and lost millions of dollars.

These types of racketeers build a wonderful strategy before they target the innocent citizens and swindle hundreds of dollars from the victims at an appropriate time and place without their knowledge.

After several months Jessica felt that she could tell Martin anything and Martin confessed his love for her.

Soon afterwards, Jessica received an email from Martin claiming that he had been mugged and lost his wallet.It was hard, but soon Jessica had to admit to herself that there was something wrong.She thought about how the conversations often turned to money and the requests for more were becoming very frequent.Martin's profile said that he was an Australian, but stationed in Ghana as an aid worker. Martin's photo showed that he was attractive, well-dressed but not too formal. Martin's interests were not very specific but of a type that fitted with Jessica's own, namely sports and other outdoor activities.Both were after a serious relationship and looking for a warm and loving partner.He showed an interest in her life including her business affairs.