They remained surrounded by electrified bars until Diver infiltrated the lake base and shut down the defense systems, allowing the Maximals to regroup and rescue their comrades.

The Maximals were hard pressed to stop Megastorm's latest ploy to capture the planet's energy, dispatching an overwhelming quantity of autonomous robot drones to build fortresses for the Predacons.

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Bighorn and the Maximals saved the Insectrons from a rockslide by protecting them with their own bodies, leading to a temporary cessation of hostilities.

Bighorn was getting on Diver's case for his cautious behavior, thinking it made him a coward.

As the lion fled, the other Maximals turned to follow.

Bighorn wanted to stay and fight, but when an explosion basically tossed him off the side of the Galvaburg II, he reluctantly retreated with his comrades.

In the end, it was a sneak attack by Megastorm that upset his brother's footing and sent him tumbling into an open volcano, leaving the Maximals confused over who their secret ally was.

With the Insectrons as a new potential threat, Lio Convoy cautioned the Maximals not to make enemies of the Insectrons unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, Starscream of the Predacons had already filled the Insectrons with false information about the "evil Maximals", and so Bigmos and Tonbot came out swinging.

The battle-oriented Bighorn was seething to fight back despite Apache reminding him of Lio Convoy's orders.

As a result, he sent out teams of two to locate the Insectrons, and ordered his men not to fire on them, but engage in dialogue.