Instead of seeing the code actually working and watching columns flashing as they are highlighted ect, all you see is the initial spreadsheet, then a pause, then the final spreadsheet.

Auto Fit End With End Sub True End Sub It turns off the screen updating.

The macro recorder is a great start, but as you know it isn't the most efficient code. Here's the generated code: All I'm doing is taking data off the entry sheet, putting it in a single row in a second sheet, then inserting that row in a predefined location.

pplication screenupdating false-74

Nice work The Paste Special line gets highlighted inthe debugger.

No flashing, (which I find annoying) and it works faster too, although with such a short macro, I doubt that you would be able to measure any practical difference!

You can receive events messages only with code in an object module, since you must use the statement.

Application Events In An Existing Object Module You can use any object module to receive Application events.

Run examples above will not work when you want to run a callback in another workbook or Add-in. Run My Macro"Do not forget to check if opening the file was succesful in the code before you try to call the macro or callback.

Also Call My Macro Name will not work to call a callback in the same workbook. Run My Macro", obj 'If you want to run a macro in a Excel 97-2016 workbook/add-in use 'Application. Another way to test if a workbook/add-in is open is to call a function like this with as argument the workbook name that you want to check. Theme Font = xl Theme Font Major End With Columns("C: C"). Window State = xl Normal Windows("AUDITEE A0196 (2).xlsm"). Application Events This page describes how to work with Application Events.Introduction If you program VBA using events and event procedures (see this page for information about working with events), you may find Application level events useful.When the sheet is completed, the user can run the macro to push the data to a summary file.