But my i Phone 5 had no problem at all going from i OS 7 to 8.

Though it does not bring much surprise, it fixes some problems that exist in the older i OS versions including battery improvement.

Most of us can update without any problem, unfortunately, some users can’t update to i OS 10.3.3.

If you run into errors again, turn off any anti-virus SW on your computer in case that is getting in the way.

You might also start with a computer re-boot before trying again.

If you come across unexpected error or stuck during installing i OS 10.3.3, Rei Boot is recommended to fix the issue without damaging your device data.

The system recovery function in Rei Boot will fix any stuck like recovery mode, DFU mode, black screen, endless reboot, etc.

If you are running into i OS update failure or error, just give these solutions in this article a try.

My i Phone 7 Plus is now performing much better in terms of battery life after this update.

I will suggest you try updating your device via i Tunes on computer.