Scammers target people of all backgrounds, ages and income levels.

Fake lotteries, Internet frauds, get‑rich‑quick schemes and miracle health cures are some of the favoured means of separating the unwary from their money. The Competition Bureau has seen the devastating effects scams can have on people and their families.

It provides tips on how to protect yourself and debunks common myths that might allow fraudsters to gain your trust.

Smith Who knew the monarch who spent a lifetime saying little could offer such profound wisdom.

As I write this on October 2, 2017, we have yet another day of national tragedies.

(read more) Erika Alexander - American actress, best known for her roles as Pam Tucker on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show (19901992), and as Maxine Shaw on the FOX sitcom Living Single (19931998). By cmjcool (Chris Jackson) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Frederick Douglass did not play!!! Listen to this mind blowing speech Frederick Douglass made back in 1852.

He couldn't believe America invited him to speak on July 4th Independence Day while his people were still in slavery, very very powerful!

The recent deaths, suicides and content that is growing more and more adult and dangerous affects the thinking and actions of children and young people that are watching online content in video and multimedia.

Each generation is faced with the challenges of online content that is not child, youth and teen friendly.The tragedy of struggling to rebuild in hurricane ravished Puerto Rico. Smith is a visionary and spiritual warrior seeking to share awareness with many.The horror of hundreds of people shot and almost 60 murdered in Vegas. She has a spiritual blog and a monthly relationship column on Black The Competition Bureau works to protect all Canadians by cracking down on deceptive marketers and ensuring consumers have the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.Our aims to increase your awareness of the many different kinds of fraud that target Canadians.We are pleased to bring you the first Canadian edition of The Little Black Book of Scams.