Dev’s only real problem is his ex Rachel has emailed him for his birthday and he doesn’t know how to feel about that.

When any of my IRL guy friends do this, I take a photo and never delete it.

So, I naturally loved the beginning of this episode and, really, anything involving Dev’s friendship with Arnold (Eric Wareheim).

Dev’s premiere season journey followed the noncommittal wanna-be New York actor through his doomed relationship with a woman named Rachel (Noel Wells), whose first sexual encounter together ended with a trip to get the morning after pill.

Although the couple started out as a simple one night stand, they eventually end up spending about two years together before breaking up over general life ambivalence.

Of course, both the young criminal and his overprotective mother deny any wrongdoing.

When an officer can’t find Dev’s phone anywhere, the mother throws everyone but the cop out of her house.

That’s not a spoiler, since the perfect teaser trailer told fans as much and Ansari made a glorious fan music video for Kanye West’s “Famous” his big bud-slash-co-star Eric Wareheim in the country.

Season 2 continues ’s best quality: Its laser-focused themed episodes.

Unsurprisingly, “Sara finance New York” and “Sara Diane Lane fan” do not unearth the desired results.friends, I would like to be very honest with you.