Hong Kong’s biggest annual music & art festival is the talk of the town this week, and we can’t wait to head on over to the West Kowloon Cultural District to check out all the amazing local and international acts.Here at Sassy we’re all about supporting our fellow females, so we caught up with Rachael Yamagata, one of the musicians performing at Clockenflap 2015 to talk about her inspirations, who she’d most want to perform with at Clockenflap this year and how she’s faced sexism in the music industry (how to shut down a creep! The American singer/song writer has a beautiful, soulful voice that perfectly matches her confessional, intimate lyrics.

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Certainly, he hasn’t hasn’t learnt how to tackle this sort of material with the relaxed command of, say, Willie Nelson, as evidenced by their recordings of “Stardust”.

And too often here, Dylan strains painfully for notes beyond his comfort zone.

And there are several songs of hers that would make me feel things and I love her music. I was like, "I would really love to see Allison dance to this song in a clown outfit." And that's how the whole thing started.

Yamagata: I've definitely done like that one camera (shoot) and I am the wardrobe and standing at Lowe's ordering paints. Yamagata's new music video for "Let Me Be Your Girl," was directed by Josh Radnor and stars Emmy-winning actress Allison Janney.

“One is the sequel to the other, and each one resolves the previous one,” he explained, enigmatically.

But it’s hard to spot any such linearity between the individual sets: the treatments are similar throughout – a creamy blend of pedal steel and restrained guitar interplay, augmented occasionally by horn arrangements – and the themes are likewise sustained across the 30 songs.

1, 2016 photo, singer Rachael Yamagata, center, poses with Josh Radnor, director of Yamagata's music video for her song "Let Me Be Your Girl," and actress Allison Janney, who appears in the video, at H. I knew of Rachael way before my friend Emily asked me to do this because I use music a lot to prepare for when I act. He directed me in "Liberal Arts."Radnor: I started listening to the song and for some reason I just had this image of Allison putting on like funky kind of clown makeup and then just dancing.

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP) Janney: No convincing at all!

Feed your soul and don’t waste time with toxic energies in people or situations.

We’ve made it to another Tuesday and the rain in New York is making it almost impossible to motivate myself to do much besides put pajamas back on, turn off the lights and continue listening to Dark Dark Dark’s “How It Went Down” on repeat.

Their complexities and love and diversity of personality and culture have truly shaped me. I try to connect on a deeper level than stereotypes and push through and past it.