The first mutation of a truth charts a path to colonize its host.

One fib demands another, two lies need the proof of two more, until eventually even the most innocent half-truth metastasizes into a falsehood requiring surgery. So a scientist who reaches a flawed conclusion through an error in her experimentation method may hint at incompetence, but she is not lying.

dark side of dating - Radical honesty in dating

Emotions are not chess pieces, and love is not a game of strategy. Radical self-honesty requires a matching dose of humility.

If you sense that something might be wrong, seek to identify and resolve the issue . Whatever score you give yourself in any category is almost surely inflated.

Few relationships will last longer, or have a larger effect on your day-to-day life, than the relationship between you and the value-producing activity that is your work.

Applying radical honesty in your work means creating things that are of value to .

So when several months ago I started getting bored with my day-to-day routine, I made a journal entry about it.

I even made a list of specific adjustments I wanted to make to shake things up.Can each of us really do work that is of value to us personally?On what planet would we ever find someone to specialize in the manufacture of, say, toilet paper?Someone who would claim that such work is of value to is the only man alive annoyed enough to scratch this particular itch himself.The things that are of value to you personally are entirely dependent on your environment and how you relate to it.If you’re constantly met with responses like the Solemn Downward Stare, followed by the Evening of Awkward Silence, and the Night Without Sex, then be warned: the game you’re playing isn’t worth winning. If the currency by which we measure others is pounds, the currency by which we measure is yen.