The stereotype is true: the more powerful they were in life, she says, the more demeaning their fantasies. But it’s more intense because someone is inflicting it on you.” Nordbak has been there and didn’t like it much.

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– or, getting yelled at while wearing ladies’ clothing.

He was a top entertainment attorney, a powerful man. His wife didn’t want to engage – so she sent him to a professional, who put him in full make-up and forced him to run around a dungeon in high heels.

And at 22 she took up her whip, for philosophical reasons, tired of bad sex and of the sexual politics women often live by: who starts it, who ends it and what to expect in between.

At her sex dungeon in Los Angeles, keeping a straight face was the hardest part of the job – especially during consultations, which worked like therapy sessions to unlock client desire.

But her time as a pro-domme taught her to be more assertive in all areas of her life.

“How does someone know what you want, in any area of life, if you don’t tell them? “Another person is never going to read your mind.” Who’d have thought that S&M, the world of the rope and the ball gag, was all about communication?Describing a usual day at work, and casually describing her clients as "slaves", Sherry elaborates: "When I get up in in the morning, I check my book depending and on what slave I've got, I dress accordingly. It's a job."And Sherry is definitely looking for love on tonight's episode."I would love to be in love," she admits to viewers behind the scenes. But if I'm absolutely honest, I don't think it will happen for me."We're keeping everything crossed for you, Sherry.Like, if it's a naughty schoolboy, then I'll dress as a headmistress."I'll have a cup of tea, some toast and then I go in my playroom and my day starts. She’s only once thought she’d killed someone – a woman, at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, who fainted during a headlock.Nordbak ran out of her tent for help, dressed only in boots and a strap-on.” She failed to control her laughter with one, only for him to pant in gratitude: “Mistress, no one’s ever laughed at me like that.” Tea with Nordbak is a lesson in the lexicon of the underworld. ” – just as the desire to dominate is misrepresented in as some kind of “affliction”, something you do if you’re broken somehow.