Just because I'm on the slippery side of 45 doesn't mean it's all over for me. I have two other women I'm writing to right now and I'm not sure I can handle a third? There are no dirty socks to pick up after, but there is a downside.

Affairs is our weekly column about the current dating scene in and around Los Angeles -- and finding romance in a wired world. I signed up on the dating site Plenty of Fish last year, and while I had my doubts, I was still optimistic about finding my soul mate — otherwise, why do it at all? It's taken me a while, but I realize now that this living fantasy is one of the perks of being a self-confident woman "of a certain age," and one should embrace it like the feminist superhero that you are. In the 1990 movie "White Palace," a young James Spader moves to New York in the finale to declare his love to the much older Susan Sarandon, but in real life, would James really have done that? In Hollywood, one can dream, but in America, the jury's still out.

"To be on stage and jump around in front of people, that's better than money," Regan said during the interview. His animated on-stage personality and trombone parts -- featured prominently in the crowd favorite "She Has a Girlfriend Now" -- quickly became integral to the ska-punk band's unique sound and overall visual dynamics and presentation.

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Each of them started out optimistically but fizzled when it became apparent that they wanted something different, i.e. Then my 30-year-old niece told me about a dating site called Plenty of Fish that "everyone" was on.

We joked about going on double dates with uncle-nephew pairs, and I said jokingly, "Yes, and I'll end up with the nephew and you with the uncle!

"We thought people who were part of the MTV alt-rock radio world would embrace for about a year in the '90s," Regan recalled.

He added that the reason new generations of fans can relate to and identify with the band's music is, "I think it's because a band like us represents a time in your life when you can't drink yet but you have a car and you have independence but you're not allowed to make decisions." Barrett says Reel Big Fish's current fall tour, which stops tonight at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, Pa., will continue as planned, despite Regan's absence.

Not many serial killers from New Hampshire, I reasoned.

"Call me."I looked up the telephone prefix: New Hampshire.

Their debut album, "Everything Sucks" (1995), was an underground hit and led to a deal with Mojo Records (see also Mojo), an indie label.

"Turn the Radio Off" (1996) established the band in the underground music scene, and they began touring throughout the USA.

He needed to make a change in his life after being in the band for 20 years, since he was 16." Reel Big Fish's 1996 album, "Turn the Radio Off," brought the band mainstream attention, thanks in large part to success of the single "Sellout," which received airplay on MTV.