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A graduate of Duke University, where he jumped up and down at Blue Devils basketball games but denies ever painting his chest or face, Ogilvie, 34, looks and sounds like a fast-rising executive at a financial institution. I've spent quite a bit of time with him since then.6. What they have in common and what separates them from the rest is discipline.7. We were on the ninth at Eisenhower Golf Club in Colorado. He hit the most beautiful 3-iron I've seen to this day to four feet. My generation really hasn't had to sacrifice or been asked to give something.

In fact, Ogilvie started an investment-advisory firm and lists Warren Buffett and Bill Gates as his heroes. What's the best financial move you've made? I've invested with people who don't use a lot of leverage.4. In 2000 and '01, I knew the market was overvalued but didn't invest with a margin of safety. How'd you become friendly with Warren Buffett? Your name comes up as a future commissioner of the PGA Tour. I could see myself in 15 years, in my late 40s, stepping into that role.9. I have now and again, but I don't think it's my calling. If Obama asks for sacrifice, like paying higher taxes to pay off all the money we're borrowing, I think they'd do it.

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' I've been around two of the best at what they do: Warren [Buffett] and Tiger."It's fitting that Joe Ogilvie's lone PGA Tour win came at an event sponsored by a bank: the U. He's as comfortable talking high yields as he is high-spin rates. I remember turning to my partner and saying, "That guy might be the best player in the world right now, and he's 15." Granted, I was 17, and you're not that smart at that age, but, still, I knew he was special.8. Certainly young men and women in the armed services have, but the rest of us have not.

Mike: Where did you and your husband go to college?

I am a statistician and I work for a hospital in the research department. We both also spent most of our adult lives (which so far have been spent in college) really scraping by — we both had to live independently so we worked through undergrad and grad and got no help from our families.

It's a great site to meet new people and make chat is a great place for us [teens] to just chill and talk to other people.