(Father)Theresa Ridgway (Mother)Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. (Elder brother)Chris Ridgway (Paternal uncle)Larry Abraham (Maternal uncle)Tom Abraham (Maternal cousin)Jackie Mixner (Maternal aunt)Charles Mixner Sr.

(Maternal uncle)Melissa Stahlberger (Non-biological aunt)Georgie Stahlberger (Non-biological cousin)George Stahlberger (Non-biological uncle)Lisa White (Maternal cousin)Paige White Jesse Ridgway (born September 29, 1992), mostly known as Mc Jugger Nuggets or Ri DGi D GAMi NG and referred to as Psycho Kid, is the central protagonist of his vlogs, the titular protagonist/anti-hero of the Psycho Series and the (former) main antagonist turned a secondary character in the Big Brudda Series.

A few weeks later, Jesse was grounded for refusing to find a job outside of You Tube, and was caught by his brother playing on a Game Boy with his friend Buzz.

Jeffrey told on him, which led to a big argument between Jesse and his father, with Jesse ending up smashing his dad's TV with a baseball bat.

A week and a half later, Jesse decides to apologize to the family, but his father says "Don't expect anything for Christmas this year either.", which leads to Jesse's outrage of getting nothing for Christmas, despite getting numerous items from his sub-series Fan Mail Mondays, which started not long before the apology.

On Christmas morning, Jesse gets reindeer antlers, while Jeffrey gets an Xbox One.

flipped the table of pop drinks and destroyed/damaged the laptops.

Nearing the end of March, Jeffrey and Jesse planned a revenge video for the play button destruction that would involve smashing some of his father's baseball trophies from when he was a kid. They put their dad's trophies in a box and went outside, where their father was making burgers on the grill and smashes the first trophy on the ground.

Jesse has also been able to get electricity, thanks to a friend called Mr.

H who gave him a generator to borrow while he was out of the house and living in his tent.

He was caught coming in the house by his dad, and he throws it through the car windows when he founds out Jesse got the money from his mother.

His dad, Jeffrey and Jesse's friend Zachary Cornatzer (alias Corn) come into his room while sleeping on Halloween and squirt ketchup on him and run a chainsaw to make him think that he got sawed up by a chainsaw.

Jesse and his two friends Zachary Cornatzer & Mark Locuson had a World of Warcraft LAN party But Jesse's brother unplugged them from the internet.