He gives Niko directions to the depot as he rushes out the door.Get into the cab and follow your GPS to the hardware store on Dillon St.

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Get in Roman's Cab, and drive to to the subway station where Mallorie and Michelle are waiting.

Take the girls to Michelle's house in Rotterdam Hill.

Drive him there, and pull into the marker in the parking lot just off the main road.

Jermaine goes to pick up some stolen parts from his lockup, when a swarm of police cars surround the area.

Roman is still in debt to Vlad, but now he wants you to go and pick up one of his regular customers, Jermaine.

Head to Rotterdam Hill and pickup Jermaine, who wants to be taken to Masterson Street.From here, you've got to lose the loan sharks; take a few corners and they should be taken care of.Once they're off your tail, drive Roman back to the cab depot to complete the mission.More on-screen instructions teach you how to disarm a player.Finish him off and then drive Roman back up the hill to his garage to complete the mission.Park the car in the marked area and Roman will get out, and hands you a cellphone.